Can Frustration Be Good For You?

Frustration Woman at computer with hands on head

We complain a lot when we’re  frustrated. However, it’s not a bad thing, according to Neuroscientists. In fact, frustration is good for you. That’s right!

Frustration motivates us and guides us to a good life. It helps us discover our own path, motivates us, and gives us hope. Instead of trying to suppress or avoid frustration, we need to listen.

When frustrated, we’re consumed by a cloud of extreme vexation. We use all the self-control we have to keep us from going into a panic mode.  Sometimes, frustration makes us quit what we’re doing. More commonly, however, we make a greater effort to succeed.  Frustration adds value to our goal.

The more we’re thwarted in completing tasks, the more we desire victory.  Frustration is not a pleasant feeling. Neuroscientists observed through MRI scans that frustrated brains lit up. The researchers observed that the feeling of frustration was not only pain, but it may be a trigger for behavior change. Frustration motivates. It propels us into action and on to win. Frustration will turn you into a goal-smashing, highly motivated person.

Frustration is not always beneficial, in that it can make us aggressive and angry. Ideally, we need to notice it, but not get carried away. We need to channel that energy into positive behaviors.  According to Psychologist Nikolas Pastore, we fly off the handle when we believe our frustration is unjustified–when we feel there is no good reason for it happening.  We’re going to become angry when we think, “this shouldn’t be happening!”

So, become curious instead of furious.  See the unexpected result as a challenge,  not a threat. Then, you get a boost of motivation instead of anger.