Do You Have Imposter Syndrome?

Health Essentials, May 2022

Do you get praise at work and feel unworthy or embarrassed? Imposter Syndrome can seriously affect your life. The impact of Imposter Syndrome may cause individuals to experience constant anxiety. Dealing with it begins with knowing what it is, and how to get over it.

Silhouette of man against blue and green backgroundWhy You May Feel Like A Fraud

The concept of Imposter Syndrome was initially thought to apply to hi-achieving women. Lately, it has been conceived of as a widely experienced phenomenon. No matter the work background, degree of expertise, or status, Imposter Syndrome can affect anyone.

Imposter Syndrome is experienced by approximately 70% of people sometime in their lives ( Ask yourself these questions if you’re not sure if you experience Imposter Syndrome:

*Do you agonize over the smallest flaws in your work?

*Do you believe good fortune is responsible for your success?

*Do you downplay your expertise even if you have more skills than others around you?

*Are you hypersensitive to criticism,  even if it is constructive? Imposter Syndrome is the feeling of not measuring up or that you do not deserve a compliment (Joy Harden, Ph D.). Dr. Harden says that when struggling with Imposter Syndrome you often feel like a fraud and often live with the fear that at any moment others will find out that your success is unearned. This Syndrome is closely related to Generaluzed Anxiety Disorder. According to June Shapiro, Ph.D., as professionals, individuals may experience intense dread and think “I may be found out to be the fake I know I am.”

How To Get Over Imposter Syndrome 

There are three major steps to get over Imposter Syndrome.  First, make a list of all reasons you deserve praise or accomplishments.  For example,  you can make a list of reasons you are a good employee or friend. This can quiet your mind.  Second, stop comparing yourself to others. Finally, you can enlist a friend or mentor to give you feedback that can put things into perspective. It’s noteworthy that no matter how Imposter Syndrome plays out, the crux of the matter is the realization that you are worthy of praise!